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“An Act to Authorize the People of the Missouri Territory to Form a Constitution and State Government, and for the Admission of Such State into the Union on an Equal Footing with the Original States, and to Prohibit Slavery in Certain Territories.” A…
A black-and-white map of a region of eastern Siberia with a large Ukrainian population. The map contains ethnographic information, topography, and transportation routes. Partially pictured: Manchuria, Japan.
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1 map : hand col. ; 47 x 55 cm. - Relief shown pictorially. "Cum privil. ordin. general. Belgii Foederati." Fourth state, according to Burden. Appears in author's Atlas minor sive geographia compendiosa. Includes decorative cartouche and inset view:…
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The mapmakers place an outsize emphasis on rivers in their map design. Rivers are represented with solid black lines. The inclusion of even minor rivers means that a network of rivers seems to cover the map. In cases where state boundaries and rivers…
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At first, the mountains appear to be a relatively unimportant feature of the map, and it is true that they occupy relatively little physical space on the page. The mountains that are represented are done so in a way that connects them in continuous…
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One of the things I noticed in exploring this map is that although state boundary lines are almost indiscernible, state and territory place names hold an outsize importance in the visual hierarchy. The text for state and territory names is in an…
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This layer contains a wash of three distinct colors: bright red for free states, dark blue-gray for slave states, and green for territories that were, as the map’s title calls it, “open to slavery or freedom by the repeal of the Missouri Compromise”…
Depicts areas in the United States that allow and do not allow slavery and the territories who status as free or slave is yet to be determined as of 1856. Made in anticipation of the 1856 election as a piece of propaganda in favor of the Republican…
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