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Here is an American map of the Netherlands created in 1804. Like Cary's map, this map seems to show the region of Belgium as separate from France. However, unlike Cary's map, there are no strict borders between France and Holland defined. Instead…
This map is entitled the “Original map of the Transvaal or South-African Republic” and was published in 1875. It was the first comprehensive and accurate map of the Transvaal and was published just before the outbreak of the First Boer War. The map…
Wallace's line.jpg
This map was published in 1863 in a paper by Wallace on the physical geography of the Malay Archipelago. It is the first map marking Wallace's line, here labelled as dividing the "Indo-Malay Region" from the "Austro-Malay Region". This line proposed…
This map, published in Wallace's book describing his travels in the Malay Archipelago, shows the routes he took around the region while he was visiting the islands and collecting specimens there between 1854 and 1862. His occupation during these…
Zoogeographical Regions.jpg
This map is the frontispiece of Wallace's book "On the Geographical Distribution of Animals. With a Study of the Relations of Living and Extinct Faunas as Elucidating the Past Changes of the Earth's Surface" (1876). This map shows the 6 regions into…
California road map.jpg
Map of California Roads for Cyclers. This Map Engraved by the California Photo-Eng. Co. Wasp B'ld'g., 513 Market St., S.F. Designed & Drawn by Geo. W. Blum. Edward Denny & Co. 207 Montgomery St. Sole Agents. Published and Copyrighted by Geo. W. Blum,…


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