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This layer outlines the coasts of all the land not included in the major landmasses outline, so all of what would be considered “islands,” when the definition of “islands” doesn’t include what were the “continents.” I’m having a tough time…
USdeptofAG - DC - 1901.jpg
This weather map is published by the US Department of Agriculture. Observations were taken from 8am to 8pm where barometers reduced to Sea Level and 32degrees Fahrenheit. The heavy dotted lines inclose ares of marked changes in temperature during the…
Layer 01 identifies key organizing components of the map, including a grid reference and state outline. While the main argument of this map is transit mobility, it was important to capture the train as a central structure as well.
Layer 02 depicts the railway network. Rail is one of two types of transit modes in this map, and a central theme.
Layer 03 represent radial (distance) arcs. Because the primary argument of this map is related to transit mobility, the radials identify proximity.
Layer 04 identifies the locations of the Neal Company's three storage facilities around Cleveland. It also identifies and locates names of cities outside of Greater Cleveland where they service.
LW_1799e63st Map_Draft.pdf
1799 is an experimental project which aims to challenge commonly held beliefs regarding large scale urban policy in the United States. Hough Neighborhood in Cleveland is used as an example.
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A 1930 pictorial map of the United States with a focus on the foods produced by each state. The colors of the map are vibrant, and the decoration stylized. Within each state, the artist/cartographer has drawn in imagery of the food products.…
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