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This map shows the topographic survey and county lines of the area around the Los Angeles aqueduct as it makes its way from its source at the Long Valley reservoir north of the city down to the city itself.
This map of Paris is a survey conducted in conducted between 1827 and 1836. It was drawn to scale by Theodore Jacoubet and is one of the last maps of a city drawn by an architect. The map is a collection of several sheets; each sheet accounts for…
This pictorial map depicts the history of the United States, with history seeming to be defined as colonial activity -- or even more broadly, white history (although it does record the historical locations of several Native American tribes). It…
This 1934 pictorial map was created by the Kellogg Company. The titular "Gifts of Nature" refers to agricultural plenty, but the map also depicts historical sites, industry, and Native American tribes. Also shown are railroad lines, migration routes,…
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Here is just the divide between land and water in New England. This includes the Atlantic Ocean, various rivers, and all the other bodies of water that the map creator includes.
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