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This map is an engraved map of the Chinese Qing Dynasty’s New Domination Province. Published around the 1860s, this map still follows the techniques of traditional Chinese Cartography. The grids on the maps help cartographer represent the landscapes…
Novi Belgii Novaeque Angliae.jpg
1 map : hand col. ; 47 x 55 cm. - Relief shown pictorially. "Cum privil. ordin. general. Belgii Foederati." Fourth state, according to Burden. Appears in author's Atlas minor sive geographia compendiosa. Includes decorative cartouche and inset view:…
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This layer includes the flags drawn on the map representing different imperial claims to the space and the text explicitly labeling regions as Spanish, English, and Anglo-American possessions.
This map applied both borderlines and color wash to distinguish different regimes. It is remarkable that no color wash was applied on Hamburg. Its territory was only depicted by a red borderline. A possible explanation is that a plain background was…
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This layer contains the places where people lived, in either permanent or temporary settlements. The settlements represented include both indigenous and colonial presences. A representation of these two type of settlements could give Spanish readers…
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