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Novi Belgii Novaeque Angliae.jpg
1 map : hand col. ; 47 x 55 cm. - Relief shown pictorially. "Cum privil. ordin. general. Belgii Foederati." Fourth state, according to Burden. Appears in author's Atlas minor sive geographia compendiosa. Includes decorative cartouche and inset view:…
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Containing patches of trees to represent forests, this layer is interesting because it shows potential areas to be navigated around, used as possible protection, or used to acquire building resources. As depicted in the multi-perspectival…
chappelsmith-map tornado.jpeg
This map shows what is referred to as the first scientific study of a tornado’s path and the first conclusive proof that tornadoes are an inward, upward, and onward moving column of air. In his article, Chappelsmith notes that people living five…
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