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Summary (from Library of Congress): Shows relief by hachures, drainage, cities and towns, township and county boundaries, Indians, and the railroads with lines named.

My description: This 1886 Rand McNally map, created by the railroad commission,…
Map illustrating the location of Theodore Roosevelt’s ranches.jpg
This undated map, courtesy of Theodore Roosevelt National Park, shows ranches along the Little Missouri River during the 1880s. The map contains the following description on the bottom: "Map of part of the Little Missouri River Valley, in Billings…
Full Title: “(Text Page to) St. Paul, Minneapolis & Manitoba Ry. Red River Valley Line through the park region ... 2 +87. Matthews, Northrup & Co., Art-Printing Works, Buffalo, N.Y.”

My description: This text page advertisement from the…
Full Title: "Rand McNally & Co.'s sectional map of the Dakota and the Black Hills. Printed expressly for J. Bride & Co.'s Great American 25 Cent package, 767 and 769 Broadway, New York City. A.W. Barber, Del. Rand McNally & Co. Printers, engravers…
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